Tuesday, 30 July 2013


hey hi im sam and if a good gurl is good to me y should we stop meeting,ye on my days of work i cud sit at home and just be relaxing,i aint craig david making love everyday to a week ting,im sam once again,single and waiting for a big ting,i dnt like da way da world moves stagnant like its a sloth ting,but den again sumtimes it moves so fast like its on a race ting,i went to brighton i felt like gurlz were looking at me like they on a love ting,had to sit in my wheelchair and show them dis aint no soft thing,ye i got a heart that beats like its on a rap ting,check the bpm ud know that sam is living,i live with my bro and sumtimes i swear he's on a dum thing,there u go once again i go on like im never on a mad ting,29 now im older but still keep on the young ting,check my build and looks maybe u can see that sam aint on a long ting,got few friends in my circle but i still have to keep them on a check ting,once you've been hurt enough it can turn u  but i aint no nick bates ting,get to know me you'd love iv got a moral ting,call me diplomatic but how will u know if u dnt know this heart ting,been with models a few chantelles but it didnt do nothing,im not a 1 nite stand kinda guy i guess its just not my ting,im good at what i do when i work it no big ting,i pray to my lord god thats y he blessed me with a heart ting,wait let me hold u and say i got a condition called this M.S. thing

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