Wednesday, 31 July 2013



Lets talk about sam growing up at four obvious i have not learnt enough yet,by the time of 9 i was coming correct,i played a lot of football or soccer if you want and i made my net,by 16 i became the people's champion and said i am not done yet,little did i know something was gonna change me from being a cadet,i learn't very quickly at 19 things aren't always what you suspect,born again son i felt i'll never forget,that my mum cried for me to be born like in a bible i don't forget,23 i got in a course of 20 people from london now would you bet? producer sam now also Dj it has not kicked in yet,i made life harder but also swarve cos i never sweat,its just life i'm going through for you never forget,my health got worse and no little princess,of my own or better yet a baby but i don't regret,every thing in life happens when its meant to be correct,I'm 29 writing poetry and much more like an author that you have not met,wife is going to come then a baby silouette

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