Monday, 29 July 2013


I try with my heart to write a beautiful poem, but dasame heart takes me away because my heart does not want to listen, u see I ain't perfect as I think of a woman, I ask myself is this what my life is that she's a weapon, also a cure and a wave of darkness in reason,I ask! Thinking of a woman all da time would have me missing, I say I wanna love but is my destruction what I'm needing, forbidden fruit now has got me complex listen,chasing around women weren't good for my guessing ,but in the same light I need control with that woman, sex leads to babies but I ain't down to be woven, I'm not a needle and thread so again I ask GOd what's da reason, I feel I shouldn't lay with a woman but for my lord has spoken,5'10 played football with myheight now ladies listen, to da man grown up from 11 reading cosmopolitan, I wanted to learn about the species called a woman, but always let myself be Lead astray by bitch they call a woman, lost my way with God but really I shud have listened, there's only one chance in life to get a good woman

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