Sunday, 1 September 2013



5 feet 10 of me as gt u talking diff_e rent,I dnt need to say much cos I dnt rap much as I'm elegant, being honest I'm talking to the concregation so u know there's no crying,what u dnt realise is ur living in the devil's world of deception, dying, killing raping and much more cheating,how cud u say u speak truth without the word, never like me knowing I ain't high but I'm blessed high like the birds, u see I made a pact with God to know about deep loving,tk it bk to mk a difference on all ur deep see diving, now to be honest again iv been in between a girl's legs, dnt mean I spend my life fishing and gt caught by a shark regs, ok going on to a partner is sumting I really dnt hv, I loved lost and reborn so I only expect hlf, hlf ur time as u know I ain't greedy, I dnt hv time for more and u dnt know me for being needy, I finish how I started cos u know I'm born so diff-e-rent,Sam segun owolabi life so elegant

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