Friday, 23 August 2013

I'm happy and and happiness is a thing we need,it soothes the brain and creates positivity indeed
I might not be the biggest but I ain't no less, 1 ting I know is I am the best,my confidence sky or wud u rather guess, for my age I've done enough to say I'm the best, the best has rivals and I surely have enemies, I'm the best at being so friendly and gained my pedigrees,1 thing I know is life aint complete, I'm gona lose my title but not to sum1 obsolete, to be the best has never been easy, i know you hv to work hard for the integrity, the world seems cold that we live in, but again I say I'm the best so It's forgiving.
im the best and it comes from within,a belief in yourself that means you can do almost anything,1 wants to be in the olympics? ye y not,1 is great at sex? well he did it enough,1 wants a baby? well in the right time why not? so the possibilities of being the best are blessed alot.

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